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Welcome, Alliance Pipeline

Welcome, Alliance Pipeline

We are an agile company that has been involved in Alberta for more than two decades. We know what it takes to get the job done, and we have the drive to see it done, swift and safe.

Our Services

Line Cutting

Cost-efficient, high-volume projects are our specialty! Perfect for seismic programs, access roads, and all types of right-of-way clearing.

Lease Construction, Clearing and Reclamation

We have the tools and experienced staff that can remove growth in your industry! We have experience in holding down drilling pads, well sites, corehole areas, pit mines, and building sites.


Finished your project? We also have the experience and equipment that will help you return the soil on that lease, line, or area back to the way it was before you started that project so that nature can do its part.

Trucks and Transport

To get the job done in the remote places you require, first you need to get the equipment and supplies. We have a highly-maintained fleet of trucks that can transport anything you need to get the job done!

Tracking and real-time Status

With Sight Surveillance your project managers can be appraised of the project’s status in real-time, allowing them to make better decisions to get your project done.

“Our years of experience have made us a leader in the areas of cutting, clearing, and maintaining and our results speak for themselves in the form of satisfied project managers, or company veterans who keep returning year after year to keep working with the best.”


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“Our on-site crews and support staff are dedicated to finishing the task right the first time, and keeping up with the dynamic nature of your job.”

What is Sight Surveillance?

Some field companies offer their own solutions for communication and mapping, but Sight Surveillance takes things one step further.

Not only do we act as a hub of communication, equipped with our own repeaters and radios. Not only do we offer a state-of-the-art cartography suite with the best mapping software that industry can put together. Here, we are able to track all of our men, women and equipment in real-time and display it so that anyone with an internet connection and a web browser can observe the progress of the job at hand wherever they are through a secure connection.

We can also take this information and publish reports on the efficiency of the day’s job so that project managers and supervisors can find bottlenecks and trim costs!

A service leader in geophysical field operations, right-of-way clearing, brushing, vegetation maintenance and other operations relating to the oil and gas industry. Aboriginal-owned.

The company that started it all. Geophysical operations, right-of-way clearing, transportation and proven reliable leadership run by veterans of the industry and supported by a dedicated staff.

A self-contained command-and-control suite developed for field operations. Honed to meet all challenges of personnel and equipment tracking, 2-way communication, and cartography.  Real-time.

How can Summit Geo Complete your Winter Program?

A regular in the Fort MacKay region, we have a reputation for showing up on time, and seeing the project completed from start to finish with the best men and women. We combine the experience and know-how of our IRS veterans with the local knowledge that’s required to tackle the special challenges North Alberta has to offer.

Contact us, and learn why when our prior clients want to get the job done, they call Summit Geo!

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Dedicated Maintenance Staff

With a top-notch team of mechanics maintaining our machinery year-round, and field-repair teams that can fix anything the world throws at them, our downtime is short so the job can carry on!

Leadership through Experience

Here, we are more tooth and less tail, and that those who control the spreadsheets are the same as those who run the jobs remotely. This means that we have the agility of any organization who maintains a mission-first mentality.

Leadership Culture

Our family-focused culture, and dedication to our workers ensures that our men and women keep coming back, year after year to get your job done. To us, high morale means better results.


It is never about where you are on the ladder, as it is about what direction you are going. Our changing environment demands that we carry out our work with increasing efficiency. Integrity is always up for the challenge, and continues to seek 21st-century solutions to pump out more value-for-money invested.

Safety above all!

Our unique take on safety meetings ensures our workers start the day aware of the risks so they can do their job safely. Our workers keep safety in mind throughout the day thanks to mobile software that ensures that the very safety tracking that the industry expects doesn’t translate into a paperwork burden for them.

Communication and Tracking

Our Sight Surveillance Suite allows for communication, and tracking of all field hands and assets as well as a state-of-the-art cartography suite and electronic repair workshop. Our reports also help project managers identify how their job can be run with greater efficiency!

How can IRS Cut and Clear your Site?

With the Right People for the Job!


It’s one thing to have top-of-the-line equipment, but it’s another thing to maintain a worker-first culture that ensures everyone is equipped with the best tools in the industry and the drive that maintains our reputation.

Our high morale sets us apart from our competitors. It is an essential component of our safety culture. And by keeping our men and women happy, we maintain the experience required to finish the job. Smooth and fast.

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